Why PVC Fencing can suit any home

PVC fencing is an extremely durable, versatile and attractive fencing solution that adds both practical and aesthetically pleasing aspects to any spaces that they are in. We’re taking a look at why PVC fencing can suit any home and the top 10 benefits of it being our preferred fencing material.

1. Weatherproof

Made from strong polyvinyl chloride (PVC), this material is confidentially boasting being waterproof, windproof and resistant to our generally warmer and humid Durban climate. Retaining it’s hardiness and appeal without any rotten beams or gradual deterioration.

2. Maintenance Free

Needing no touching up, sanding, painting or seasonal sanding and sealing, an occasional pressure wash hose down will keep your fence looking bright and attractive for many years to come.

3. 20 year warranty

We are so confident in PVC fencing for any home, that it comes with a 20 year confidence guarantee from our team.

4. Attractive

PVC fencing is neat, stylish and gives your property a comfortable and elegant fencing finish.

5. Versatile

Whether you need a horse rail fence, boundary wall, balustrade or car port, pvc fencing is versatile and adaptable to where it is needed. View our products for more – click here.

6. Bespoke

From height to style, PVC fencing allows for you to choose what you are looking for to perfectly match your home, farm and premises. Made to size allows you to match your picket fence to your courtyard door and so much more.

7. Peace of Mind

Safe, strong and private, PVC fencing helps you rest assured that your loved ones are protected from your swimming pool, comfortably playing in the garden and confident that your pets stay within your property.

8. Professional Installation

With so many pro’s to PVC fencing being our preferred fencing for any home, we have made it our business to offer a high-quality and professional installation and finish to every fence or architectural design we are involved with.

9. Value for Money

We look at PVC as an investment, requiring no maintenance, you save on repairs, replacements and years of maintenance, giving you more time to spend on what you love most.

10. Environmentally Friendly

PVC is a highly recyclable material, with the overall lack of maintenance, repair costs, harsh stains and chemicals, this fencing is a more sustainable and long-lasting solution.

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