Choosing a PVC fence over other fences

In South Africa, safety has become more and more of an absolute necessity. Fences are installed for various reasons, to keep your lovely fur friends inside and away from the road, to ensure that your children can play in the yard safely without running into the road, and for much more reasons!

There have been various safety hazards in South Africa over the past few years and this has increased especially more recently with the looting in South Africa and especially in KZN. Fences are therefore particularly important for the safety of you and your family.

Fences can be used for various reasons such as:

  • Safety around the swimming pool
  • Safety around your house
  • Safety to keep your pets inside your yard
  • Horse stables
  • Privacy for your house

PVC Fences are very advantageous over various other fences, these advantages mainly include maintenance. PVC Fences need no maintenance at all, especially the fences of Absolut Fencing (no maintenance PVC), whereas wooden and steel fences for example requires much more maintenance, wooden fences need to be coated with waterproofing sealant regularly and these fences are prone to attract termites and other insects if not treated continuously. PVC Fences are extremely durable and are therefore a great choice over other types of fences.

PVC Fences have a great appearance over other fences such as steel fences which is also prone to get rusty over time if not continuously maintained. PVC Fences do not get rust at all. PVC is an acronym for Polyvinyl chloride which is the type of material that these fences are made of, and it is a type of synthetic plastic, which is also the main reason why PVC is so durable.

PVC Fences can be designed to look a certain way based on your desired look, whereas other fences such as standard steel or wooden fences does not always have room for this custom designing and comes in certain standard designs. PVC Fences can also be easily installed by yourself if you go the DIY route, you can find it at your nearest hardware store. The other option is to get a professional PVC Fence installer to do the installation for you.

PVC Fences have a lot more advantages other than these mentioned above, and you can read about these pros of PVC Fences in our other blog “Why PVC Fencing can suit any home”, click on the link to read the blog.

Absolut Fencing can assist you with all your PVC Fencing needs, give us a call, or send us an email for more information or a quotation.

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