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We know that choosing a fence is a big deal, from the initial costs to the long term maintenance, choosing a fence that works within your means, needs and offering exceptional value for money, we take a look at why PVC fencing in Umhlanga is a great alternative to traditional fencing and why it can be the solution for you.

Identify the Purpose of Your Fence – 

We take a look at the broader picture, are you considering a practical pool enclosure or more privacy for your property? The versatility of a great PVC fence also factors in the years of use from your fence ahead of you. We want to provide a long-lasting and eye catching fencing solution for you. PVC fencing in Umhlanga is both versatile and adaptable to your needs.

What are your Design and Style Preferences? – 

Thankfully, we now have a purpose for your fence, we can consider the aesthetic that you are looking for. Whether you want to give your fencing a facelift or add to the overall appeal of your home, this is a versatile fencing solution needing little to no maintenance in the long run. 

Say NO to Maintenance – 

Veering away from more traditional fencing solutions, we are also staying clear of any extensive maintenance of your fence. PVC fencing in Umhlanga is designed to be durable and withstand our climate and sea air. Needing no sanding, varnishing or paint, your fence will remain beautiful from installation and for many years to come. 

Peace of Mind –  

Offering safety, privacy and ease of owning, our PVC fencing in Durban does not rot, chip or peel too. With one less important thing to think about, the long term value of this type of fencing is invaluable. 

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