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Are you looking for a new fencing alternative that differs from more traditional wood or metal options, offering low maintenance, is aesthetically pleasing and can be enjoyed for many years to come? PVC fencing in Hillcrest can do just that.

What is PVC fencing? 

Polyvinyl Chloride is a plastic based material that is made up from the same hardwearing composition as used in plastic plumbing pipes. Without compromising on style, PVC fencing is designed for ease of use and value for money on any of your properties.

What does PVC fencing look like? 

Installed and implemented for many different reasons, PVC fencing boasts versatility in where it is intended for – are you looking for PVC pool fencing, semi private fencing, balustrades, private fencing, palisade fencing or more. It’s neat white appearance offers a modern and appealing visual, as well as excellent practical use.

No Maintenance

Unlike many fencing contenders, PVC fencing requires little to no maintenance to keep it looking and functioning how it should. This typo of fencing does not need to be sealed, sanded or stained to maintain it’s attractive, bright appearance. Being slightly susceptible to dirt or area dependent milder, annually pressure washing your fence can keep it looking like in top condition.


Whether you are looking to install an architectural design or have a sturdy and reliable horse rail fence, the versatility in which PVC fencing can be used is both bespoke, while being easy to achieve. No matter your placement and need, our experienced and knowledgeable team strives to find a solution for you.


Using a professional and expert installation service, we assure that every post hole and the overall set up of your fence are to the highest standards, giving you excellent customer service and trust in your PVC fencing installation in Hillcrest.


As PVC vinyl fencing has become more widespread, the pricing of installing this type of fencing has become more pocket friendly when factoring the long term practicality of a solid, no maintenance fencing solution.

Our established PVC fencing team in Hillcrest assists and educates our clients on the correct type of fencing for their needs and how to get the longest use out of each and every installation. Do you have queries and questions? Get your obligation free quote from us today.


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